Pre-school and Home Education Groups

Join us all year round for woodland fun, seasonal crafts, games and adventures in the wild.

We’ll be cooking on campfires, den building, mud mixing, following trails, crafting with leaves, using woodwork tools and tree climbing aswell as storytelling, running around and getting stuck in to nature. As much for the parent to relax as the child to play.

When and Where:
A new Forest School session for pre-schoolers: Every Friday 9.30-11.30am term time only in Towerhouse Woods.
Book now to confirm your place. No fee taken until start date confirmed after lockdown

£9.00 per child per session. Booking for the term only. Refundable if after first session you don’t wish to continue.
Complete Terms and conditions on booking form on request.

Now I see the secret of making the best persons, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth – Walt Whitman

Forest School sessions begin with small manageable activities which allow children to explore the space. As they build in confidence the tasks become more challenging. Most importantly children are encouraged to make their own choices about activities and engage in free play which may come directly from the activities or from themselves. Most importantly it’s about having fun in the woods and nurturing you and your child’s connection to nature.

The sessions involve:

  • A walk to the woodland site which can include a nature trail or scavenger hunt
  • Story circle when arrive or other intro game
  • Main activity (for example, den building, bug hunting and identifying, making wooden candle holders, collecting and sawing wood for the fire, flags, using natural dyes)
  • Free play
  • Fire and snack
  • Circle time song, reflections