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Wildwood Adventures works with schools across Bristol to provide an outdoor classroom where children are learning all the time. Sessions complement and support the curriculum in many ways and most activities support a whole range of learning goals associated with Early Years Foundation and the National curriculum.

Numeracy can be  introduced through rhymes, comparing tree heights, using rain gauges or making a stick tower using different lengths of wood and numbers of sticks. In addition measuring out flour and bread making ingredients for dampers over the fire.

Supporting literacy content through a range of activities was demonstrated last term by enacting the Gruffalo in the woods, making Gruffalo crumble and puppets from woodland materials. The Owl and the Pussycat was also brought to life by building boats in the woods and making our own musical instruments.

Discussion with the class teachers before and during the programme is encouraged and the sessions are reviewed every week by the Forest School leader to inform the following weeks session.


Conclusion of MA findings from study of Forest School undertaken at Whitehall School

Short film of Forest School session at Dolphin Primary School

The sessions involve:

  • A warm up game where children introduce themselvesIMG_9064
  • Nature Trail or hunt
  • Main Activity This can be a variety of seasonal activities such as leaf mobiles, nature art, sawing badges, fungi hunt, tree gazing, making forest spirits.
  • Fire and snack (not every session) Clear safety rules apply. Children make their own bread, flapjacks or have simple snacks cooked over the fire such as chocolate bananas or crumpets.
  • The main activity can support work in the classroom and we would welcome a discussion with the teacher at the start of each term.

    Cost:  Half day and Full day sessions available. Please call to discuss costs.If your school has land available or a space that you feel could be used for Forest School then we would be happy to come and take a look.

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